Who we are

Wushu Kung Fu Center

International Wushu Kung Fu Center, in the city of Miami Florida. It is an organization where Chinese martial arts teach true among them, Olympic or modern Wushu which was present with a major international Championship in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In our school we study styles Nan Quan style from the shadow of the South, Chan Quan style from the shadow of the North, Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Sanshou (Sanda combat Full contact Chinese) and Buk Sing Choy Lee Fat, style of traditional Kung Fu, self-defense, fitness, aerobic (Kungbox) training Fitness and boot camp.

We have a curriculum of study divided into four programs. With four basic levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced, more a single program defense staff and a special program for coaches. The classes are for ladies, men and children in ages from 4 to 90 years, without discrimination of race, color or sex.

Each student studies the theoretical part and practice to a greater knowledge of the Wushu kung Fu. With martial arts students develop discipline, respect and tradition; you will find spiritual peace and strengthen the character to make of the man of good will, and thus find the respect toward him and others and will be useful to their family, their friends and their homeland.

Program 1 - Dragons program, ages 4-6. (Nivel1.)

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Program 2 - Kids dragons, age 7-11 (nivel1 and L2)

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Students satisfied

I really like to train this school, they are truly professional

Douglas Nieves

After training I feel great security and I have greater happiness

Francy Alarcon

The best excellent team I recommend 100%

Juan Pérez