International Wushu Kung Fu Center

More than thirty years in the world of martial arts and Fitness, give us support to dictate the best classes and seminars of fitness and muscle toning with our joint disciplines of KUNG BOX and BOOT CAMP, giving results very fast and satisfying customers, our motto is work much work for a super physical result.

Amenodoro Sequera explains that kung box is a great workout for men and women of all ages. It was in the 1980s when Sifu Amenodoro Sequera begins with studies of a new sport that combines kung Fu with aerobic exercise and after so many year you search and study came out as result kung box, many people criticized the fact to train martial arts movements of aerobic movements, but that did not make that Situ Amenodoro Sequera alongside his wife Griselda pinto followed in the formation of this new discipline. Many have been celebrity who had an initiative and resources for making similar systems and they have an international success, but kung box has remained in the practices of a group reduced for many years, until 2006 that started the massive practices at the training center in the city of Miami. Florida Wushu Kung Fu Center welcome anyone who wants to exercise your body and spirit in the way more effective and martial, already here true kung box. Then we give you examples of the success Kung box:

Kung box improves balance, coordination, flexibility, tones and defines the muscles. The trainingis an aerobics plan exhaustive, therefore results in phenomenal cardiovascular benefits. Finally, with Kung Box you can burn calories effectively. Exercising 1 hour of kung box burn between 500 and 800 calories, compared with 300 or 400 calories of conventional bicycle. Benefits:

The classes are for both sexes and children, young people and adults can practice it since there is no physical contact; In addition to reinforce training accessories and equipment such as bandages, gloves, kicking pallets and sacks, are used which is excellent for removing stress and negative energy accumulated during the day. All this accompanied with music, kung box make your best option to be fit 100%, make up your mind and start enjoying our team.

Await you in our school: INTERNATIONAL WUSHU CENTER the best Chinese martial arts and Fitness training center

BOOT CAMP We can say that Boot Camp is a training camp, El Boot Camp exercises military fitness combined taken from the best programs of this type of modality today are a Fitness Boot Camp training camp is the kind of group exercise in the open air which mixes traditional calisthenics and body weight with interval training and strength training exercises. While there are a variety of styles of Fitness camps, most are designed in such a way that it pushes participants more hard work and no machines that they stimulate the body with fully aerobic exercises which resemble a military camp. During the class of 4-8 weeks, it is likely that getting up early for race, lots of push-ups and various forms of plyometric training at intervals with very little rest between exercises. These Fitness classes have grown in popularity in recent years mainly due to the fact that they offer a new way of obtaining a low cost, efficient and demanding training. They definitely aren't for every athlete, but with the right instructor, these kinds of Fitness results faster and create a community of support and motivation from like-minded people.


Students satisfied

I really like to train this school, they are truly professional

Douglas Nieves

After training I feel great security and I have greater happiness

Francy Alarcon

The best excellent team I recommend 100%

Juan Pérez


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