Sifu Amenodoro Sequera

International Wushu Kung Fu Center

Amenodoro Sequera. At age 8 he begins in sport under the tutelage of master Morillo, which encourages your sport life, beginning with the athletics. At that time, he was attracted by kung Fu, because that was the year 1972, where the movies of Bruce Lee were the attraction of the moment. In the year 1973, their interest is greater since you see on television series with David Carradine Kung Fu. At the age of 16 and being in other sports such as athletics and gymnastics training takes the decision learn Chinese martial arts but in a city that only had schools of Karate, Tae kwon do and Judo,but he weren't felt motivated. Continues his search until in the year 1977 sees an exhibition of Kung Fu from a teacher called Leobardo Acurero, seeks to address and in the month of February of the year 1978 begins his training in the Chinese martial arts. In the year 1980 to the age of 18 takes part in his first tournament in the city of Trujillo, where he obtained first place in combat after 7 bouts of which he won six by non ko and one by abandonment of the ring of his opponent.s

From there looking out more and makes Tai Chi classes with Master Hung Kin Fung, who was the master Leobardo Acurero and Saul Teran. Fung teachertrainingfew months because at that time just likes to fight and could not do with Tai Chi classes. At the beginning of June 1986 Amenodoro Sequera knows and meets with the teacher Chan Kam Fai in Caracas, where he was in military service in a course of presidential security, here knows and begins training with Master Chan Kam Fai. From there he discovers the true Kung Fu and decides to train harder and find more wisdom. In 1987 study modern Wushu Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Sanda and Taijiquang.

Begins a relationship with the Shaolin Quan Society, which is the pioneer of the Wushu in Venezuela, and began working with the programming,since at that moment we are few States that practice a true wushu. Aftermany years of research and work studies the traditional Wushu of the Choy style you Fat low the tutelage of master Chan Kam Fai and supervised by Professor Jose Flores of the Association Venezuelan martial arts Chinese, only organization representing Venezuela in the Federation China Beijing International Wushu.

In the year 1999 travels to China with the support of the teacher Cham Kam FAI to compete in the World Wushu Championships Hong Kong 99, where the largest i a crew of Venezuela, not compete for Miss medical certificate, only 2 of the delegation or n compete Cesar Gil and Javier S athlete a Sánchez in Tai Chi, of all i travels to Macau and then to the city of Fatsang where carried out trainings with different masters and in this city compete in Sanshou athletes Luis Di Gregorio and Amenodoro Sequera being as i the first Venezuelans in fighting in China. In the year 2000 compete in the Pan American Wushu Championship in the city of Manaus Brazil, where to get bronze medal at Sanshuo weight of 78 pounds. that same year he studied at the University of Physical Education in Chinawhere makes workouts of chang quan and nan quan, then 2001 travels again to china and studied with the master yu min zhu, Nan quan.

In 2002 is the new routine of wushu course in the University of China Beijing, where he meets the new movements of sword, long stick, sword and international routine of chan quan, in 2003, returns to china studies with the teacher Chang Fu. With which trains b routines Basic, intermediate and advanced Nan Quan Wushu.

At the beginning of the year 2017 travels to China to continue his studies and specialization in traditional wushu Buk Sing Choy Lee Fut. Focused on perfection for his style classes in the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Canada.

El Sifu. Amenodoro Sequera in the year 1981 founded the school the Tao of fist, in the year 1983 the school Cobra Tao, in the year 1996 the Fundacion Wushu Venezuela, first Fundacion of Wushu in the country, in the same year he made the first event national of Wushu Kung Fu Cup City of Barquisimeto 96, giving the first step to the Chinese martial arts events in Venezuela. In the year 2000 was appointed Executive Secretary of the Foundation for the sport of the Iribarren municipality until the year 2002. In the year 2003 is named main sports Adviser at the IFTi of Iribarren. In the year 2004 he reach the United States with his wife Griselda Pinto and in 2006 founded Florida Wushu Kung fu center first Center the teaching of Wushu in the city of Miami.In the 2010 INTERNATIONAL WUSHU CENTER he founded and recorded the INTERNATIONAL WUSHU KUNG FU ASSOCIATION, in the city of Miami, giving as i or a step to the training n ' interested in learning Wushu worldwide.

As a competitor.
Championin combat- Cup Trujillo.
Year 1980.
Championin combat -Cup IDN
Year  1984
Championin combat heavyweight.
Ipon Cup
Ind gym Caracas.
Year 1988
Subchampion in combat
Subchampionin Chinese figures
Poliedrico year1990.
Champions in Figure n.
Cup covered gym NapolehapkidoRodriguezyear 1998
First figures of Nan Quan
Bolivarian Dome year 1999
Winner in Sanshou Fatsan China
Exchange School of choy you fat against wing chun school
Year 1999
Bronze medal in Sanshou
Pan American Wushu ManaBrazil
Year 2000.
First place in Nan Quan
Domo Bolivariano
Year 2000
Gold Medal in Nan Quan
Silver medal in Nan Gun
ChampionshipWushu national qualifier for the World Cup
of Wushu in Armenia year 2001.
Athlete selection national
year I 2001-2002
Other sports
Athletics year 1975 1983.
champion in 80 meter
Games interscholastic year 1974.
Champion in 80 meter
years 1975 1976
Runner 110 meters hurdles and 200 meters.
Year 1976-1979.
Runner 200 meter dash.
04 earned State
1980 – 1983     

Master Morillo.
Prof. Marchan (Olympic runner.)
Prof. Luis Marcano.
Prof. Valentin Marcano.
M Sports Centre a. maximum Viloria.
Champion in hands-free
Games interscholastic
Year 1978.
Tae Kwon Do.
Red Belt 
Year 1983-1988
1982 – 1984
Sensey. Luis Reinoso.


Courses: First aid, plans and projects, training, sport for all, Protocol, advertising, self-defense, parachuting, safety for very important people power and recreation, lian gong therapy exercise water sports to cure and prevent diseases, management of sports projects, power, initiatives and efforts of the NGOs.(Non-governmental organizations)

Miami Dade College
Year  2005 - 2006 -
Basic Mandarin 
Year 2006
Producing and directing films and TV.
Year 2009- 2012.

Founder of International wushu kungFu center in Miami 2005
Founder of the International Wushu kung Fu association 2006


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