Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

The taijiquan or Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that is characterized for its therapeutic benefits to the body and the mind, this is why tai chi goes hand in hand with traditional Chinese medicine, disease occurs when there are blockages in their free movement by meridians.

Like acupuncture, Tai Chi Chuan, soft and harmonic movements contribute to flexible joints, dissolve chronic blockages and restore the free flow of energy.

Along with diet, massage and acupuncture, Tai Chi Chuan integrates the set of techniques offered today by Chinese medicine.

Currently, East seeks to improve results and forecasts obtained by combining this medicine with Western classical. Meanwhile, in the West, holistic health centers incorporated not only Tai Chi Chuan, but all proposals of traditional Chinese medicine, as a way to offer people all the existing methods for healing.

To sum Tai Chi Chuan is a healthy and therapeutic gymnastics that preserves the health and helps to cure various diseases. To get these benefits, is what teachers teach: in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan must have discipline, perseverance and patience.

System of Wushu competition

For practitioners of other martial arts, it is difficult to understand how they are competitions of Wushu, because they see long forms with clothing of various colors and different models, with long arms, short of internal styles (Tai Chi Chuan) and combat which allows the widest range of techniques that are forbidden in other arts.

Official competitions are divided into 2 groups that are Taolu (Forms) and Sanshou (combat). Taolu: are currently 10 divisions: 3 forms of fist and 07 of weapons.

Currently is studying new competition (Nandu) exercises which are already in international competitions since 2005.